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Here are some helpful links and more information about the area around our vacation rental. If you know of more helpful links we should include here, please let us know. That way we can share them with other people.

Airport and Airlines
Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos Mexico have flights arriving and departing daily at Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) at San Jose del Cabo. The Los Cabos airport is located 13 km (8 miles) north of San Jose del Cabo and 48 km (29 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas.
Airlines serving Los Cabos

Climate and Weather
Average annual rainfall: 10 inches
Coldest months: December and January
Storm season: July to October
Average water temperature: 72º F.
Average air temperatures: 50 to 80º F. winter; 70 to 100º F. summer.
The Pacific Ocean side of Los Cabos is generally 10º F. cooler than the Sea of Cortés.
Current weather conditions and forecasts

Rental Car Company
We recommend you have a car if you plan to do any sightseeing or like to shop and eat at restaurants. Most of the major rental companies have an office at or near the airport. When you get a rate quote, be sure to clarify if all taxes & INSURANCE are included. This will save you a surprise when you arrive. Helpful website for rental car companies in Cabo.

When You Land At The Airport
Printer Friendly Directions
You will exit the plane and walk to the terminal where you will go through customs. Have your passport and immigration paperwork ready. Once through customs you will claim your baggage and then go through one more security check before leaving the terminal. As you exit you will encounter many salespeople offering to get you a taxi or shuttle or discounts on activities. Do not engage them in conversation…just keep heading for the exit. If you have a rental car reserved or have arranged for a shuttle you will want to look for a representative of that company just outside the exit doors. They will typically have a sign with your name on it. Go straight to that person and identify yourself.

How To Get From The Airport To “Casa de Misiones”
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If taking a taxi, just tell them you’re staying in a casa at “Las Misiones”, which is near Costco…show them the map. The gated community is called Las Misiones and our home is referred to as “Casa de Misiones.” It is located just inside the gate and across from the pool. It is #55.

If you’ve rented a car, you have two routes to choose from:
A.)    Via San Jose del Cabo – You can drive through historic San Jose via Hwy 1. This is typically a slower route with many stoplights but will take you near shopping and close to historic downtown San Jose before reaching the coast.
B.)    Via Toll Road – This is the quicker & simpler route. From the airport you will travel about 11 miles on a clear highway before reaching the toll booth where you will need 27 pesos or approximately $2.50 US. Just a short distance past the booth you will come to Hwy 1. You will stay to the right, heading toward Cabo San Lucas.

Now you are heading west on Hwy 1 along the coast. You will go approximately 17 miles along scenic coastline. This section of Hwy 1 is referred to as “The Transpeninsular”. At around KM marker 7 you will notice there is a frontage road on each side of the highway. You will need to move to the right, onto the frontage road, anytime you are planning to make a left or right turn. Not far past the Home Depot you will see a Bridgestone Tire shop on the right and a Pemex gas station on the left (at Km marker 5). You will turn right at that intersection and go up the hill about ¼ mile. “Las Misiones” is on the left and you will enter via the security gate.

Tell the guard your name and that you are staying at #55 (numero cinco cinco) the “Swanson Casa” . The guard should have a house key for you and can direct you to our home which is just inside the gate and to the left. If they don’t have a key the door may be opened and the key inside.

If any concerns arise, ask the guard to contact “Nuri“. She is the sales and service manager and is familiar with our home. She also speaks good English. Her office is in the Clubhouse by the pool. Her contact information:
Cell phone: 624-114-7034
Email: nmontagut@nullcasasatlas.com

Drinking Water: You are encouraged to drink either the normal small bottled waters or from the large Sierra Azul bottle with the dispenser in the house (refills are inexpensive and available at the Super Store just a short distance past the entrance to Las Misiones).

Household Garbage: Put all garbage in the large garbage bags, seal them well and take them to the garbage room just outside the front security gate or ask the security person on duty for assistance.

Money: BE SURE to notify your credit card company of your travel dates, in advance, so that they don’t lock your account when they see a charge from Mexico.

It’s very easy to use cash (either dollars or pesos), credit or debit cards. You will find it most convenient if you always have some pesos with you to use for tips, small purchase, etc. Credit card charges may be higher due to being out of the US so be careful. There are ATM machines everywhere so if you need pesos, this is the best way to get a good exchange rate.

Printer Friendly Directions